Our stay at Fatima’s place was nice! The apartment was clean and had everything we needed. The hosts were fantastic at quick replies and great on giving tips for places to eat in the area. A couple of things that were challenging was parking in the evening. Sometimes we would drive around the blocks and neighbourhood for a long time before we could find a free spot. The other challenge was the elevator. We had two big luggage’s and two carry ons. It is very tiny so you can only fit one person at a time with one big luggage. My husband and I had to make a few trips about two blocks away to our car to get all our belongings and go in separate elevators to fit everything. The neighbourhood is a lower class area then I expected. I wasn’t always comfortable late at night walking to get to our apartment after we would park the vehicle but i had my husband with me and the apartment inside was really nice so it made up for it 🙂